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Our one-of-a-kind custom bikes parallel right along with our staff… each unique in their own particular way! We’ve handpicked the best Tech’s, Designers, and Sales Reps for our team. They all live, eat, and breath motorcycles! We have the hell raising, tire shredding maniacs, and the slow and steady cruisers. Needless to say, you can be sure that you’ll find a rider with common interests once you step foot into our unique shop!

For those who like being part of the ‘norm’ – we suggest you go buy a new bike off the assembly line. WE are a new style of tailoring…. No, not fabric… but by building customized bikes that call to, not only your lifestyle, but your soul.

If you're tired of showing up to a ride wearing the same Harley t-shirt as 10 other people, then stop into Black Stock. We have all of the latest riding apparel that we know you will love. Come and check out our selection of Dixxon Flannel Company, Icon and our own BSMC selection for all of our clothing needs like shirts and hats. You will be repping your favorite shop with our swag and you’ll be sure to get noticed at every ride or event.

The Blackstock Team



Owner & CEO

Hey, my name is Billy and I am the Owner and CEO of Black Stock Motorcycle Company. I like long walks on the beach and reading books in the rain. Yes, it turns into a soggy mess. My favorite sandwich is the Gargantuan from Jimmy Johns. I’m a big gamer (not) and I’m not afraid to cry. I remember the song I lost my virginity to.

In all seriousness, I have a great family and I love hanging out with them. I get to work with my son and my fiance every day and that makes me truly happy. I love to get to work on bikes every day and be around my employees that have the same passion. I love all my bikes, but my baby is my Road King that I ride every day.

BJ Bloomhall

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

BJ Bloomhall grew up in Cedar Rapids and went to school at University of Northern Iowa for business and art. BJ lived in Washington State for a year and recently moved back to start up Black Stock Motorcycle Company with his father Billy Bloomhall. BJ is COO at Black Stock and incorporates his business and art background everyday in his position. BJ is passionate about his work and his family, good thing they are one in the same. Black Stock is a family owned company and BJ wants all of the customers to feel apart of that family as well. BJ is 24 years old and has a wife and baby girl.


Marketing Manager

Hey everyone, my name is Dennis and I’m the Marketing and Sales Rep. I was born in Cedar Rapids and have lived in Mount Vernon for the majority of my life, but now reside in Marion. I’m the oldest of three siblings, even though my younger brother might be taller than me, I’m not scared to knock him down to my level.

When I’m not working, I’m most likely out riding, enjoying a cold one with the bros, hanging with the girlfriend, or trying my luck down at Riverside.

Working at Black Stock is an awesome place to work and all my coworkers are pretty awesome. So come on down and see us!



Service Writer

Top of the morning to ya, Name is Chris, grew up in a small town in midwest Iowa. Enjoy living everyday to the fullest. If i’m not working I’m usually out doing some sort of activity to pass time with family and friends. Riding is a big passion of mine and I consider it one of the best therapies one can do in life. If you don’t ride, you might want to reconsider and come to realize might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

So when you’re out and about getting your therapy in, stop by and see us at Blackstock so we can help make your therapy session even better.



Hey, my name is Ryan Trueblood, everyone calls me Taco. I’ve been in the motorcycle industry a little over 2 years of Dealer experience after graduating from MMI in September of 2015. Harley’s are the name of the game, I personally can’t get enough. I love Dyna’s (Real Dyna’s), FXR’s, and Sportsters. I also currently serve in the Iowa National Guard as a Combat Engineer. I’ve served two tours in Afghanistan doing route clearance. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without the military and this awesome country.

Stay thirsty my friends!


Parts Associate

Names Eric but most people call be by my last name, Bentley. Grew up in a small town of Camanche. Most people don’t know where that is so you have to say its near Clinton. Started out riding a 3 wheeler when I was around 11 and from there I knew I wanted a motorcycle. I do have a degree in Auto Collision Repair but I enjoy bikes more. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends. When I’m not doing any of that i love to go for a ride on my bike because it’s the best damn therapy there is!



I’m from Dubuque, Iowa. I enjoy long walks on the beach, tacos, pizza, and taco pizza. I like vintage Harleys, mostly in the chopper variety. I also like dogs more than humans.



Fran here (wrench and occasional enforcer)

I grew up in Dubuque, but decided Cedar Rapids is the place for me. I moved to Cedar Rapids about 17 years ago for work. After too many years as a diesel mechanic, I decided to follow my love of motorcycles.

Riding is my passion! I enjoy helping others keep their bikes on the road too! I enjoy an occasional cold one or two…maybe six, but hell who’s counting.

Black Stock is a family affair for me. You will likely see my wife and my four kids running around the shop too. Stop by and see us!

One more thing…if swearing offends you, we probably can’t talk.



I am a graduate of MMI (Orlando) class of 2012 where I studied the Early and Late Model Harley Davidson classes. I have always enjoyed riding motorcycles but did not know how to work on them. I decided to join the industry based on the market crash in ’08. I had been in business for myself starting in 1996 to 2010 in the flooring field both residential and commercial. I am a self-motivated person with many trades and talents under my belt and find them all very useful in this life I lead. In the motorcycle industry I have found a new passion for the many new models, styles and characters that are produced by all the different manufacturers not just H-D. I like what I do and I am getting better at it as time passes on. Like everything I get involved in, I strive to be the best and most efficient that I can in order to give those around me a wonderful and professional experience.


Sales Associate

It was a hot summer day… I had a shovel, a pile of dirt mounded into a jump, and my first love a ‘91 Yamaha 100RR. It was on this day I discovered that the color of adrenaline is brown… Sense then I’ve been pushing the limits on two wheels. Weather I’m hitting corners or trying to perfect the wheelie, my Harley is always maxed out. Since I can remember I have always had a love for motorcycles and riding them. It doesn’t matter how bad a day gets, I can always count on the twist of a throttle and the rush of some wind to take my worries away. I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Colorado. I enjoy most of any kind of outdoor sport or adrenaline quenching activity.

My background in this industry is sales. I was a salesman for 2 years at a Harley franchise. I look forward to applying what I have learned there to Black Stock and helping grow the best custom bike shop around!