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Engine Performance

Some riders never can seem to squeeze enough power out of their motorcycles, but we love making bikes go fast! Let us help you on your conquest for horsepower and torque! Braaaapp Brapppp!

  • Stage 1 : Intake, Exhaust, Tuner.
    For a rider that wants to experience more of the iconic Harley sound and bring out some of the untapped potential of the Harley motor, all while adding a more custom look.
  • Stage 2: A Full Stage 1 + Cam.
    This jump with give the rider a substantial increase in power. Whether it be horsepower or that low end grungy torque the choice is all yours.
  • Stage 3: A Full Stage 1 + Cam, Big Bore Cylinders, and Pistons.
    When you are fed up with being passed and you are ready to let the horses run… This is the only sensible option.
  • Stage 4: A Full Stage 1 + Cam, Big Bore Cylinders and Pistons, Cylinder Heads and Throttle body.
    Whether you’re going stoplight to stoplight or down the strip… The other guy will be hard pressed to stay up with you as you launch off the line

These are Harley’s stages of engine performance. Mind you we are not a franchise. If you want to tweak any of these options, stop on down to the shop or call so we can tailor your engine build for you!

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