Winterizing Your Hog

Yes, it is close to 50 degrees at the end of December, but it’s Iowa and you’ll never know how the weather will change tomorrow. While some of you might ride all winter long, most of us will put our babies away and just dream of nicer weather to ride.

When getting your bike ready for storage, here are a few tips we would like to give you.

  1. RIDE. Go out for a ride and get rid of the old fuel that has been sitting in your tank, fill it up with new gas, and don’t forget to add some fuel stabilizer. We have had great luck with Bel-Ray’s Fuel Treatment.
  2. WASH YOUR BABY. Living in Iowa, you know that roads are often covered in different material, so you don’t want that sitting on your bike all winter. So give it a nice detailed wash, or even wax it. What else do you have to do since you can’t ride it, anyways?
  3. PLUG IT IT. You don’t want spring to come around and have to spend money on a new battery, because yours is dead. Here at the shop we plug in all of our bikes (and customer storage bikes), using Battery Tender Plus’ different options to make sure all of the batteries hold charge and are ready to go once it’s time to hit the roads.
  4. PLAN AHEAD: Think about getting your baby serviced now while motorcycle shops aren’t as busy. By getting your bike serviced now you won’t have old oil just sitting in your baby and you’ll be ready to ride this spring.
  5. GET IT UP. While this might not be a NEED, many people like to have their bikes lifted off the ground, to help prevent flat spots on the tires. If you do not have a way to lift it, you can also roll the bike forwards, or backwards so that the same spot is not being rested on causing a flat spot.
  6. GET IT COVERED. Buy a decent cover that will help keep dirt, moisture, and pests away from the bike. If you just washed your baby, you’re going to want to keep it clean anyways, right? You also don’t want mice making a home in your battery box or exhaust. That’s not fun.

If you aren’t one to do all of this, you can have us do it for you. For $50/month we will store your baby and take care of her. We can pick it up within a 50 mile radius, and before you come pick her up, we will do a spring inspection on it and wash her up for you so it is ready to go!